1-Click Login

Senior UX/UI Designer & Front-end Developer

Optimizing universal cross-platform passwordless authentication for the world.

Effectively fulfilled multiple roles in design, development and UX research for 1-Click Login, a passwordless authentication startup.  My iterative UI design process was informed by UX research andtesting with prototypes built in Axure or Figma. Our builds were optimized over this iterative process with the final build using the MERN stack.

🚀  UX Process Details
I am enthusiastic to share the full details of my UX process including the user journey, design thinking steps and successes. Contact me for details

Optimized Universal Authentication Service
Launched three completely different versions of the technology to effectively utilize 1-Click Login’s portfolio of patents specific to email based login.

Effective Dashboard Design
Designed and helped develop two different versions of the service dashboard that offered MFA variations, branding customization and analytics.

WordPress Plugin Design and Development
Designed and developed multiple versions of the related WordPress Plugin.

Marketing Site Design and Development
Designed* and built three different iterations of the marketing site and collateral.

*The middle marketing site was designed by Lorenzo Romero.