Considered communication.
Collaboratively created.

The intersection of all of my experiences is my truest identity and I have cultivated over 10 years experience in the following fields:

I become personally invested in my work and search for the ideal creative solution that will best connect with an audience or serve their needs. Working in print I build off of my formal International Style of Design (Swiss) training to create clear effective communication.

Working on the web I push for the most accessible solutions using the fastest frameworks. As a self taught developer I am able to adopt and manage new technology and am constantly perfecting my mobile first iterative development process.

Project Manager
I approach project management as an opportunity for collaboration. My years of design, development, marketing and event planning complement my management abilities allowing me to produce the most engaging products with my project teams.

Teaching is my education. I have maintained my proficiency in the creative marketing field by searching for the optimal solutions and then sharing them with the community.

My expressive art practice focused on print making and performance informs my design work creating innovative solutions with effective messages.



Harwood Art Center
1114 Seventh St. NW, Albuquerque, NM