Interactive Experiences

Printmaker, Publisher, Parade Maker

I believe in open source accessible art-making incorporating spirituality, honest intentions and humor, that is both created and celebrated with the community.

A video I created in 2007 with Michael Gerkovich capturing the preparation and art making for a collaborative art installation with Space 1026 my former artist collective at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia.

A collaborative video created in 2010 of pre performance parading of NERD Island, a Mummer's comic brigade. I was the captain of this brigade and led a group of 25 Philadelphians in the costuming, music and performance at the Mummers Parade, the oldest running folk parade in America.


FORMAL EDUCATION : Learning to create art.
2000–2003 // University of the Arts: BFA in Graphic Design
Formal design training that also allowed for instruction and practice in photo and printmaking; two interests that I continue to pursue.

INFORMAL EDUCATION: Learning to create art with others.
2004–2010 // Space 1026, Vaudevillains, NERD Island
My informal training continued in Philadelphia and was based in creative collectivism. Starting with huge group installations with Space 1026, an artist collective focusing on printmaking and then growing to elaborate performances with Vaudevillains. NERD Island was my first attempt at creating my own collective that combined printmaking, place and performance.

APPLICATION : Exhibiting art and creating art for social change.
2011–present // A/WAY, Junkado,, DRY MTN
Since moving to Albuquerque, I have expanded my art-making process to promote activism and community building. This is achieved through through meal based micro-granting dinners, people powered performances with prizes, and collaborative publications with community celebrations.