Lead UX/UI Designer

Creating an efficient design system to build optimized screens for an elegant interface.

LENS was an innovative startup working on cloud-free online privacy solutions for sharing personal information through a decentralized platform. I led the design of the iOS app UI development for their minimum viable product launch. The collaborative process was built on extensive user research and rapid prototyping and testing were followed throughout the process.

iOS App Design System
I created a light design system using Figma components and variables that expediated the iteration process and allowed us to pivot the product when needed.   

UX Onboarding and Registration Flow
Onboarding was an important process for this app as it was a completely new way of thinking about one’s personal identity. I built prototypes in Figma and tested with a wide range of users to optimize the users experience and ensure understanding of the product.

iOS Interface Design & Prototype
For our MVP we created multiple iterations of an interface that followed Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines. Using our design system I comped all of the flows of the application, built prototypes, tested them and then handed them off to our development team for implementation.