Local Activism

Designer & Printmaker

Vote With NM
Collaborative social activism built upon engaging graphics and social media marketing language. 

Vote With NM was an effort in activism focused on voter registration and turnout in New Mexico primaries and general election. I collaborated with Ragan Asarobot, Leila Salim and CivNet on a print and social media campaign that targeted Millennial and GenZ New Mexico residents to register and vote in the primaries.

Social media marketing and identity through a unique Facebook Page.

Social media marketing through a unique Instagram Account.

Printable flyers promoted through CivNet.


A month long exploration in collaboration, design, civic engagement and activism.

Facebook page

YES ART NOW was born out of frustration that I was feeling about the hostile opposition to a progressive public transportation project that was being proposed in Albuquerque in March 2016. Instead of arguing with strangers online I collaborated with Dan Majewski and Kristen Woods to create a positive voice in the community that allowed Albuquerque Rapid Transit supporters to express their position.

Following the DIY with Other People Principle all of the "product" was designed, screen printed and distributed throughout the city by our team. 

In the face of overwhelming negativity and opposition we provided the supporters of the A.R.T. project a voice and clear message to rally around.

Signs were screen printed in 4 colors on coroplast and installed using zip ties on existing FUTURE ART STATION signage.