Sandia National Laboratories 

Senior UX Designer

Expanding my experience with UX and UI (by practicing my empathy towards user’s experiences).

I. Loved. Working. Here.
As an Albuquerque citizen it was fascinating to work at “the labs”. During my one year contract I was able to work independently with multiple customers on products, marketing websites and branding. I took advantage of every opportunity to learn from members of my User Experience Solutions team and am grateful for their mentorship. 

Sandia National Laboratories
It is Sandia's mission to maintain the reliability and surety of nuclear weapon systems, conduct research and development in arms control and nonproliferation technologies, and investigate methods for the disposal of the United States' nuclear weapons program's hazardous waste. Wikipedia |

What I worked on.
With multiple teams at Sandia, I effectively fulfilled multiple roles in the successful testing, design, and development of enterprise-level projects. As a UX Practitioner, I conducted usability testing, analytics review and persona development that created data to improve the usability of applications. I followed best practices from the Neilsen Norman Group to conduct heuristic evaluations and created improved designs based on these findings.  To prepare for a design update to their main website, I analyzed current traffic using Google Analytics to build initial personas. Building on this data I conducted public surveys on their website using Survey Monkey to better understand their visitors. 

As a UI Designer, I collaborated in a team environment to build a design system that will be implemented lab wide, improved the engagement of websites and developed prototypes to test the user experience and informed development.

I improved upon my UX Process by following the RITE method, Rapid Iterative Testing & Evaluation, to efficiently create UI designs and UX recommendations based on usability test findings and my own expert reviews. This innovative method combines the roles of the UX Practitioner and UI Designer providing extensive savings to the customer.

Due to the sensitivity of the projects that I worked on, I am unable to show relevant examples of my work.